Parents & Community - Governing Council

The Governing Council is elected at the AGM of parents, which is held at the start of each year. The Council meets twice a term, in weeks 3 and 8. Governing Council is an important part of the public education system with its powers being defined under the Education Act.   

Governing Council has joint responsibility for the governance of the school, performing the following functions:

1.    involve the school community in the governance of the school by:

a.    providing a focus and a forum for the involvement of parents and the school community;
b.    ascertaining the educational needs of the local community and the attitude of the local community to educational developments within the school; and
c.    ensuring that the cultural and social diversity of the community is considered and particular needs are appropriately identified.

2.    set the broad direction and vision of the school.

3.    strategic planning for the school including:

a.    developing, monitoring and reviewing the objectives and targets of the strategic plan; and
b.    considering, approving and monitoring human resource and asset management plans.

4.    determine policies for the school including policies for the safety, welfare and discipline of students.

5.    determine the application of the total financial resources available to the school including the regular review of the budget.

6.    monitor and review the Site Learning Plan.

7.    report to the school community and the Minister on:

a.    the strategic plan
b.    the finances of the school;
c.    operational plans and the Council's operations.

8    The Council must be responsible for the proper care and maintenance of any property owned by the Council.

9.    The Council may perform such functions as necessary to establish and conduct, or arrange for the conduct of:

i.    facilities and services to enhance the education, development, care, safety, health or welfare of children and students;
ii.    residential facilities for the accommodation of students.

10.    The Council may raise money for school related purposes.

11.    The Council may perform other functions as determined by the Minister.

12.    The Council may do all those acts and things incidental to the exercise of these functions.

13.    The Council's functions must be exercised in accordance with legislation, administrative instructions and this constitution.